Creators & Legacy: Hanna and Barbera, creators of Tom & Jerry, shaped our childhood with iconic cartoons.

Forties Debut: Premiered on Feb 10, 1940, with "Puss Gets the Boot" as the first of 164 shorts.

Title Origin: "Tom and Jerry" originated from an 1823 book, "Life in London."

Oscar Success: Won 7 Oscars out of 13 nominations. NASA named satellites after them.

Brief Friendship (1975): Special series showed Tom and Jerry as friends, solving mysteries.

Tom and Jerry Cocktail: A Christmas cocktail named "A Tom and Jerry" in the USA.

Rare Dialogue Moments: Limited speech, with Tom singing in 1943 and more dialogue in the 1992 film.

Unexpected Ending: In the final episode, Tom and Jerry take their own lives on a train track.

Naming Triumph: Animator John Carr won, naming them Tom and Jerry.

Box Office Surprise (2021): "Tom and Jerry" (2021), a live-action/animation mix, grossed over $100 million worldwide.