Prepare Your Keurig: Place your Keurig coffee maker on a clean, level surface near an electrical outlet.

Fill the Water Reservoir: Lift the water reservoir lid and pour cold, clean water into it. Be sure not to overfill it; there's usually a max fill line.

Power On: Plug in your Keurig and switch it on using the power button, typically located on the top or side.

Preheat the Machine: Wait for the Keurig to preheat. This usually takes a minute or two. The machine's indicator lights will let you know when it's ready.

Insert a K-Cup: Lift the handle to open the K-Cup holder. Place a K-Cup into the holder with the label facing up, then close the handle securely.

Choose Cup Size: Select your desired cup size. Most Keurigs have options like small, medium, and large cups. The machine will dispense the appropriate amount of water for your chosen size.

Brew Your Coffee: Press the brew button. Your Keurig will puncture the K-Cup and begin brewing your coffee. It usually takes just a minute or two.

Enjoy Your Coffee: Once brewing is complete, carefully remove your cup, and enjoy your fresh coffee. Be cautious; it may be hot!