What did Priscilla Presley say about Elvis Presley that fans got emotional

Elvis and Me fame actress Priscilla Presley is making headlines ever since actress revealed her desire of being buried besides her ex-husband.

For those unversed, let us tell you, co-founder and chairman of  Elvis Presley Enterprises have finally settled her dispute over Lis Marie’s multi-million dollar trust. However, as per a report by TMZ, who quoted their sources and informed that although the actress and her grand-daughter, Riley Keough, have won their long battle but they failed to acquire something which they eagerly wanted.

As per the sources, Priscilla wanted a burial spot next to her ex-husband, Elvis Presley.

If you’re unaware, let me make it clear, the late American singer Elvis Presley is buried at his legendary Memphis estate, Graceland. Although, the actress failed to fulfill her wish, but she walked away with a huge sum as the settlement.

As per the TMZ’s report, Priscilla Presley had walked away with millions of dollars in return of cancelling her claims over the control of Lisa Trust resulting the actress won’t be having any stakes in Graceland Mansion and in the Elvis Presley Enterprises.  

Elvis Presley Death

For those who aren’t sure about Elvis Presley death, let me remind you, the musician died on August 16, 1977. If you’re still wondering about how did elvis die, let me tell you, the singer died due a heart attack. As per a report by the People Magazine, Elvis’s “preliminary autopsy findings” notified that he died because of “cardiac arrhythmia.”

The statement was revealed by Dr. Jerry Francisco, who did a 2-hour autopsy of Elvis’ body.

Elvis and Priscilla

For those who are curious how did elvis and priscilla met, let me tell you, the two met at a party in Germany, when Elvis went for his military service. At the time, priscilla presley was just 14 years old.

At the time, Elvis acted like an embarrassed boy of next door, however, as the day came to an end, he somehow managed to talk to her. Afterwards the two started meeting frequently until Elvis’s departure from West Germany.

Elvis Presley Wife

Elvis Presley whose full name was Elvis Aaron Presley married with Priscilla Beaulieu aka Priscilla Presley. The duo walked the down together in 1967, however their marriage didn’t lasted long as they went their separate ways in 1973. The couple shared a child together, Lisa Marie Presley.

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Priscilla Presley Age

The The Naked Gun fame actress was born on May 24, 1945 as a result she is currently 77 years old.

Net Worth of Priscilla Presley

If you’re being impatient to know more about the net worth of Priscilla Presley after learning about the recent money that the actress got, let me tell you, as per a report by Celebrity Net Worth portal, the actress had a whopping net worth of around $50 Million.

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