Actress Sandra Bullock’s Sister Discloses Touching Account of Care for Boyfriend Bryan Randall Before His Passing

Sandra Bullock and her family are in mourning after Bryan Randall passed away unexpectedly. Gesine Bullock-Prado wrote an evocative message for Bryan Bullock who passed away August 5th at age 57.

On August 7th, Gesine shared on Instagram: Bry has found an ideal fishing spot and is already casting his lure into rivers teeming with salmon!

Gesine, a pastry chef, spoke highly of Sandra, 59, in caring for Bryan during his illness. She stated, ALS can be cruel disease but there is some comfort knowing my amazing sister Sandra assembled an army of nurses to provide care in their home for him – rest in peace Bryan.

Family of Bryan Randall shared the News

Bryan’s family announced on August 7th that he passed away following a three-year battle against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable nerve disorder which causes muscle control to gradually decline over time.

From early on, Bryan requested privacy throughout his battle with ALS and we made every effort to respect that request. We are beyond grateful to those who helped care for him – from tireless doctors who navigated its terrain with us to incredible nurses who became roommates by often forgoing their own families in order to support him.

The family also asked for privacy while grieving Bryan’s death and coming to terms with it.

Sandra and Bryan’s love story began in 2015 when he was hired to photograph Louis’ fifth birthday party. By early 2016, sources indicated that Bryan, an established model himself, had relocated permanently with Sandra, living together full-time and spending a significant amount of time together.

Sandra adopted Laila in 2015 and during their time together they developed a close bond.

Sandra previously described Bryan’s unwavering support during an uncertain period in their relationship, noting how he stood by even as their relationship became public knowledge.

Sandra described an encounter between herself and an unknown individual that left both of them feeling delighted yet fearful: [She was] such a delightful surprise – my life was already on course, yet here was this lovely human who wasn’t interested in being part of my journey but had already found their place, as part of a 2021 appearance on Red Table Talk.


Sandra described Bryan as the love of her life and noted his positive influence over their children even during times of disagreement.

He is an example, even when we disagree, she noted, and noted that no wedding ceremony would be required to affirm their deep relationship.


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