All About The Infinity Game Table, Box Content, Features and How to Purchase

Games are everyone’s favourite, we usually play games to spend some time and to have some fun. However, the video-sharing platform TikTok’s users are recently going gaga over the Infinity Game Table.

If you’re using the platform, chances are you must have encountered the videos of Infinity Game table as thousands are hoping in the trend to make it more viral.

Although many users are joining the trend, a group of people have left confused about what exactly it is all about. For those who are wondering more about the Infinity Game Table and its cost, we’ve got your covered!

What Is the Infinity Game Table?

For those who are unfamiliar with the digital gaming console, let us tell you, it is a touchscreen gaming system which not only lets you play the digital versions of board games but it also offers a range of puzzles, coloring books, mini-games among many more interesting things.

The Infinity game table can be placed on any flat surface or the users can use its legs provided inside the box to make it a free-standing table.

Infinity Game Table Price

Let us remind you, this gaming Table comes with 2 different sizes and the price range for both sizes varies. The price for the 32″ Infinity Game Table is around $999.99, while the price for 24″ Infinity Game Table is set to be $699.99.

infinity game table

For those who wish to purchase the table of 32″, let us tell you, the shopping website Amazon is presently selling the game table on sale for a sum of $899.99 for the 32″ variant.

Users can also purchase the Infinity Game Table directly via Arcade 1Up or through other retailers.


For those who are curious to know the features of the Infinity Game Table, here is a list of some of its features as:

It has a feature titled Dynamic Zoom Viewing, which provides a personalized perspective for players. The game table also had a feature titled Tactile Feedback which is used to add levels of immersion.

Apart from it, the table also has features like Social Play+, which lets users connect with other players on a global level. The game also has a unique feature which lets players save their game and to pick back once they return from where they have left.

Its Detachable legs make it easier to place anywhere on the solid surface.

Inside the Box Content

For those who are wondering how they can assemble the game table, let us tell you, the game comes with the content likes:

  • Infinity Game Table
  • 2 Legs
  • Power Supply
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 2 Coasters and
  • 4 Individual Privacy Screens w/ Feet.

How to Assemble

Users can assemble the game via turning the table over. Once you turn it over, you’ll find the holes for the legs. Users need to push the legs in the holes until they click into the place.

Once the legs of the table are attached, your game table is assembled. Let us remind you that the game table comes in the size of a small coffee table, however, it is a bit taller than that.

How to Use It

The Infinity Game Table is quite easy to use. Once users plug in the table, it will automatically power it up. In case it doesn’t, just press the power button on the side.

For the users who are using it for the first time, let us remind you, the table will show you a prompt message asking for your Wi-Fi information.

This prompt served a dual purpose, it not only allows users to connect with other people nearby but it also lets users to download games onto the table.

When the user first activates the Infinity Game Table, they won’t find any games on their system as it doesn’t have any games at the time.

Infinity Game Table Menu

Users need to browse through their Store to download the game and install them in the table. Once you have successfully activated it, the table will go through a bootup cycle, followed by which, user will see a Menu on the screen.

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On the left side of the menu, players will find those games which they owned and on the middle section, they will find a Scrollable Store, from where one can download the game.

Let us remind you, there are some games for which a user needs to pay a sum amount. Though, for those you need to pay, the Store will show the amount and the information.

However, the most expensive game onto the Store as of now is for a sum of $9.99 which includes games like Pandemic or Ticket to Ride.

The users can also download games like Air Hockey, Ultimate Brick Breaker, Artists and Liars, Game of Thrones Puzzle Play and Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess among many more.

Keep in touch with us for more updates regarding the games and technology!

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