Completing Decade of LG Oled Technology, Company Announced New Line-up

While marking their decade in bringing LG OLED technology into our homes, LG has recently launched 15 new TV models. These new models includes smart upgrades, innovative technology and unique form factors, with options to fit in with everyone’s lifestyles.

For those who are wondering, let us make it clear, the new models of LG will be available to purchase from April to July this year.

According to an earlier interview of LG’s marketing manager for home entertainment, Tony Brown, the company has vowed to keep doing more revolutions in their home entertainment products, and there new models of this year is no exception.

LG’s New TV Models

The flagship model of the brand named 97” LG SIGNATURE OLED M, is the first TV to feature Zero Connect technology. The wireless TV comes with a separate Zero Connect box that can transmit 4K video and audio signals at 120Hz.

The box has multiple ports to connect commonly used HDMI devices and is compatible with sound bars.

Another new model of this year is named Evo G3 TV, which is available in different-different sizes including 55” to 83”.

Some other features includes LG’s latest Alpha9 Gen 6 AI processor, which integrates AI-assisted deep learning technology to deliver high-quality sound and vision.

As of now in the new models, only Evo G3 is the brightest model as it uses 4K OLED technology with a total of 20,000-block picture split. It helps to detect the brightest and darkest areas for precision HDR optimization.

Additionally, LG AI Sound Pro provides virtual 9.1.1 surround sound from the set’s speakers. The One Wall design means there’s minimal gap when mounted on a wall, and LG has introduced “Home webOS” for convenience and customization options.

Other Features (LG Oled Technology)

Apart from all these aforementioned features, the new models also has Artificial Intelligence Concierge, which helps in providing trending content keywords and suggests useful settings and modes.

Overall, the new line-up of the brand  gives a variety of options to us, including improved and advanced tech, innovative design, and portability.

LG TV Pricing Details

For those who are curious to know more about the pricing information for LG’s new line-up models, Here’s a breakdown of the prices for the different models:

  • OLED Z3 OLED77Z3: $15,999
  • OLED77Z3: $15,999
  • OLED83G3: $10,999
  • OLED77G3: $6,799
  • OLED65G3: $5,299
  • OLED55G3: $4,199
  • OLED83C3: $8,999
  • OLED77C3: $6,799
  • OLED65C3: $4,299
  • OLED55C3: $3,299
  • OLED48C3: $2,899
  • OLED42C3: $2,599
  • OLED77B3: $6,499
  • OLED65B3: $4,099
  • OLED55B3: $3,149
  • 86QNED86SRA: $5,999
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  • 75QNED86SRA: $4,499
  • 65QNED: $3,499
  • 75QNED75: $2,499
  • 65QNED75: $1,899
  • 55QNED75: $1,499
  • 50QNED75: $1,299
  • 43QNED75: $1,099
  • 86UR8050: $2,999
  • 75UR8050: $1,999
  • 65UR8050: $1,499
  • 55UR8050: $1,199
  • 50UR8050: $999
  • 43UR8050: $899
  • LG Posé 55LX1QPSA: $3,499
  • LG Easel 65ART90ESQA: $12,999
  • LG OLED Flex 42LX3Q: $4,999
  • LG StanbyME Portable Screen 27ART10AKPL: $1,999

However, let us remind you that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the retailer and location from where user is purchasing the products.

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