Angus Cloud: Remembering the Iconic Fezco of Euphoria, Tragically Gone at 25

In a heart-wrenching loss, the entertainment world bids farewell to the remarkable Angus Cloud, who captured our hearts with his unforgettable portrayal of Fezco “Fez” O’Neill in the beloved HBO series, Euphoria. At just 25 years old, his untimely passing in Oakland, Calif., has left fans all around the globe deeply saddened. As we mourn the departure of this incredibly talented star, let’s take a moment to celebrate his extraordinary career and the lasting impact he had on so many lives.

Angus Cloud’s Versatile Talents

Angus Cloud’s journey to fame began with his captivating performance as Fezco in the critically acclaimed teen drama, Euphoria. His ability to embody the street-smart yet compassionate drug dealer earned him a legion of devoted fans and widespread acclaim. But Angus Cloud was much more than just Fez; he displayed his versatility through a variety of projects, leaving a lasting impression on both the big and small screens.

In addition to his success on Euphoria, Cloud graced the silver screen with appearances in noteworthy films like North Hollywood (2021) and The Line (2023), proving his talent knows no bounds and hinting at a bright future in the industry.

Magnetic Presence of Angus Cloud

Beyond acting, Angus Cloud also left his mark in the music world, starring in music videos alongside celebrated artists like Noah Cyrus, Juice WRLD, and Becky G alongside Karol G. His magnetic presence and innate charm added an unforgettable touch to these visual experiences.

What truly sets Angus Cloud apart is his unconventional path to stardom. Discovered unexpectedly for the role of Fez while hanging out with friends, he defied all expectations and proved his doubters wrong with his unwavering dedication and commitment to his craft.

The news of Angus Cloud’s passing has deeply impacted the close-knit family of Euphoria’s cast and crew, who cherished him as a beloved member. HBO expressed their grief and paid tribute to the immense talent and contributions he brought to the show. Fans, eagerly anticipating the third season, now grapple with the loss of one of their favorite characters and the gifted actor behind him.

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As we say goodbye to Angus Cloud, we acknowledge the significant void left in the entertainment world. Nevertheless, his legacy will continue through the unforgettable characters he portrayed and the lasting impact he made on audiences worldwide. During this time of sorrow, our thoughts and heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and fans. Although his time with us was short, Angus Cloud’s talent, humor, and compassion will forever resonate in our hearts.


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